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Switch your default search to SearchPrivacy and protect your privacy every time you search.

Send your searches to our secure search implementation instead of search engines that track you and your searches.

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Override search engines that track you

Our browser extension redirects any search which you accidently perform on unsecure search engines to searchprivacy so you can always remain private.

Absolutely NO profiling

Unlike other search engines, we never track your searches. Our app does not have access to your browsing history.

Fast, secure & encrypted

All your search queries are encrypted to ensure there is no data leakage. Only you will ever know what you searched for.

No Search Filtering

Most of the search engines use the profile they build on you to filter search results. This means two different users might see different search results for the same search term. Searchprivacy makes sure each user sees the complete search results at all times.

No Search Leakage

All your clicks on our search results page redirect via our own servers, which means the site you eventually visit does not get to know what you searched for.

No Signup Required

There is no signup process to get started and we never get to know your email address, your name or any other personal information.

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